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ALKAFAAT Industrial Construction was established in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia in 2022 which it is a branch of ALKAFAAT for Construction Contracting Co. L.L.C as a limited liability general contracting company, operating in the Jordan. In 1994, KCC was prequalified by the Jordanian public sector for the execution of construction projects and in the fields of roads’ and dams’ construction, excavation and water works, and sanitation in all the governorates of Jordan.



KCC’s position as a leading construction contractor in Jordan is backed by a solid financial base and strong investment in the company’s plant, equipment and expertise. The company’s proven track record highlights the company’s extensive experience in a wide range of fields:

1. Civil Works.

2. Hydro-Construction.

3. Mining.


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SANITATION & Water Works

KCC has established a Water and Sanitation Engineering Service Line and it completed successfully several water supply and sanitation projects in Jordan ranging from urban water supply, sewerage and storm water drainages, rural and community based water and sanitation projects to external infrastructure and civil works for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional developments. As well as, the company has worked as sub-contractor in Disi water traction where it accomplished all the civil works besides some mechanical works. After that, its activities' and its works in this project have been noted, thus, it has become as main contractor in this project where it accomplished many major requirements for the project, for instance, manholes establishment, drainage networks works at the same project, as well as, it accomplished Rehabilitation the conditions of project areas starting from Almdwara at Ma'an Governorate and ending with the capital of Jordan, Amman. Virtue of that, the company obtained on appreciation and qualification certificates for the employees, the technical staff and in the same time for the company itself.

DAMS Construction

The company has accomplished various projects in this filed as a major contractor and as sub-contractor at some great companies in the kingdom. In addition to that, it had ability to accomplish these projects before the deadlines for completion of the works. For example, the earthworks that existed in the project schedule which will be presented later on.


KCC has the experience and equipment necessary to complete your excavation and/or exploration project in an efficient and safe manner. We are equipped to complete small and large-scale projects and land development, along with full-service excavation works. We maintain a fleet of heavy equipment that can complete and handle all of your excavation needs; including excavation and disposal of all materials, delivering materials including landscaping materials and general fill, digging trenches and holes for foundations, and basement excavations. We will haul away and properly dispose of all of the excavated materials, including choosing local disposal stations that can recycle all or a portion of the material. Our Excavation Services include the following: 1. Excavation and Disposal Services. 2. Delivery and Fill Services. 3. Trenching and Digging Services. 4. Traditional Basement Excavation

ROADS Construction

The company has implemented several projects in this area as the main contractor, and sub-contractor for several major companies in the Kingdom, where these projects carried out professionally and record times less than the deadline prescribed for completion of these works, for example, but not limited to, the projects that mentioned in the table of projects will be presented later.

Curbstone and interlock tiles

Our company worked as a sub-contractor in Curbstone and interlock tiles projects, and carried out all civil works.

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Site Preparation & Development

The term site preparation covers a wide range of activities that are defined by the project's design. However, regardless of the scope of work, it is the key to a successful project.

Design/ Build

Our design–build services offer fast-track construction management while retaining KCC quality.

Earthwork Construction

Movement of dirt on civil construction projects is used to construct dikes, dams, levees, detention ponds, reservoirs, relocation, consolidation, site balance, and slope stability.

Soil and Sludge Stabilization

In-site soil and sludge modification/stabilization techniques improve the bearing capacity of the soil or sludge to allow foundation construction at locations thought unusable


A. Health, Safety, and Environment 100%
B. Quality Control 100%
C. Heavy Equipment Services 100%
D. Project Management 100%

KCC Qualified Management Team Comprising Of:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Water & Sanitation Engineers
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Planning Engineer
  • Surveyor/photogrammetric
  • Environmentalist
  • Contracting
  • Engineering
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Total Construction Solutions
  • Resident Management System